ntsikiI’m stephanie cashin.  An incredibly loved lover of adventure and handwritten letters, and coffee!

In June of 2014, I found myself on top of a mountain in Swaziland.  I left Swaziland with more questions than answers and a broken heart for a nine (now ten) year old little, Ntsiki.  Swaziland changed my life’s story…

I now volunteer as a Court Appointed Juvenile Advocate in my hometown. I am troubled by injustice and serving as a CAJA allows me to use my words for the child.

This blog is a collection of stories and adventures, pretty things and things that break my heart.  It’s about friendships and family, and ministry and second chances.  It’s about the struggles and joys that come with learning and trying to be more like Jesus.

I hope you’ll find some words here that challenge you, some words that comfort you, and some words that make you want to share your story with me.

 I’m so glad you’re here